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Give Me Dynamite Ginny Vee

Give Me Dynamite Ginny Vee

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Ginny Vee - EDM Pop Artist

Some information on Ginny Vee for the curious ones amongst you.

Ginny makes pop music for grown ups.

Shewas born in Tuscany Italy and studied at two prestigious music and acting schools in Milan and Rome.  Inspired from a young age she started to sing at 5 years old, encouraged by her Grandmother. Her grandmother was a trained opera singer and taught Ginny early on he breathing and vocal control techniques. Over the years Ginny matured and crafted her singing skills. She later moved to Los Angeles where she concentrated on a fledgling acting career, working along side several Hollywood actors including Michael Rooker.
But her mind was always focused on singing, and in LA she studied music and found her own voice and style.
Returning to Italy she was asked to join a famed Italian Girl Cover group called Belle ma Belle, and for 5 seasons toured Italy performing opening acts for some of the biggest artists in Italian Music. Ginny then studied the prestigious Vocal Technique Copenhagen - which allowed her to massively expand her control, range and vocal ability.

Intending to go solo, Ginny was spotted by long time music producer Christian DeWalden, who signed Ginny up to Sanremo winner, and famed music produce Vanni Giorgilli. Vanni signed Ginny to Mind The Floor records, a division of Sony Music Publishing. 

Ginny changed her stage name from Virginia Conti to Ginny Vee (a play on Virginia twice. ) and set out for her first solo single. Ginny teamed up with star producer Steve Manovski. Steve Manovski was fresh off the global hit with Sigala "Give Me Your Love" featuring legendary guitarist Nile Rogers. Give Me Dynamite rode high in the dance pop charts with over 28 million streams across all platforms. 
Following this hit, Ginny teamed up again with Steve Manovski, and this time used the writing power of Ultra Tunes & Ultra Empire with the talents of Alan Aguero, Brenna MacQuarrie, Jack Lawrence, Demitri James, Demitri Gountounas. In 2018 she release the global hit "Love Strong" which charted high in the dance pop, pop and latin charts. Even today this is Ginny's most frequently requested song for Live shows.

The following summer Ginny released a small EP "Heaven" through Universal Music's SpinnUp platform. The catalogue was aimed at the more MainStage pop and was received well by her growing fan base (over 100,000 followers across her platforms). From the album , the single "Far Away" peaked on Youtube with the accompanying video shot on location in Rome Italy.

The immediate follow up success was with the official cover of the 90's hit "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch. This time Ginny teamed up with international DJ Kraken PRJ and created a modern dance anthem. The song featured one of the first mixed live and lyric video formats to be released on YouTube and was praised for its innovation. It has now been copied by multiple artists.


In 2019 three of Ginny's top dance tracks were remixed by the UK team of Offset. This team had just mixed both Dua Lipa and Jason Derulo before tuning their hands to Love Strong, Give Me Dynamite and Everywhere. The three tracks released back to back and were massive hit on the dance floors and dance music radio such as Kiss FM. This peaked Ginny's prominence in the world of EDM and Dance Pop.

In March 2019 Ginny decided to now work on a project she had been hatching for many years. She had a catalogue of songs that she and her manager had co written over the years  plus some gems by her musically gifted and song writing cousin. She set about to create a long list of rough tracks that started to form the basis of her long held desire. In the age of streaming, quick move ons, playlists and 3 minute wonders.,Ginny took the bold decision to invest and create her own album of original work. In late March she set about with il Piano B studios, Roberto Cola, Steve Bell and Simone Asilo to create the album "We Don't Know Yet". In a departure away from EDM, Ginny has put her real vocal talents to work on a set of pop songs, RnB tracks and ballads. In this album Ginny wants to show her true vocal ability. It is Ginny Vee on a vinyl platter. The work is a mix of 80's high melodic, 90's strong under beats and ultra modern beats. The team has gone back to a very rich sound and used a collection of modern plug ins combined with hard to find original 80's synths, and out of the box real world reverbs and delays. The aim is a modern sound that harks back to the lost melodic classics of the 80's and 90's rather than the more flat EDM, Dance work. In touches it feels deeply like Madonna in her hay day, and in others it smacks true of  stars of today like Billie Eilish. An eclectic mix that ends the album with an anthem straight from the saddle of Game of Thrones. The sound is familiar but new, old school but modern. It aims to stand out in an era of "same sounding songs".

Ginny Vee delivers pop music for grown ups. Not the teeny bopping twee hits but serious and mature pop music for people that grew up in the 80's and 90's and Naughties. For people that have that deep and rich melodic music as a soundtrack to their lives, Ginny is creating new memories with a familiar and nostalgic sound. If you feel that you don't get "music the kids listen to" then Ginny is for you. Her new album, written just for you, called We Don'T Know Yet draws on all that music you love. With deep synths on original 80's DX7s, and vocals that scream Madonna.


From the album Ginny has released her latest single "Once Again" penned, lyrics and arranged by Canadian born but Nashville resident Howie Moscovitch. The track is the transitional piece between catchy dance pop and main stream pop. With a head melding La La chorus that you either will love or hate. It is a foretaste of what is to come on "We Don't Know Yet."

Closing out  2019 Ginny also performed on X factor series 10 in Ukraine. She wowed the judges with a pitch perfect rendition of Million Reasons by Lady Gaga, passing the next rounds with an a cappella version of Christina Aguilera's classic Hurt. The final song was a piano melodic breakdown of Faded by Alan Walker which wowed the judges. Ginny's journey finished at the lives and returned to Italy thankful for the experience.

2020 aims to be a massive year fo Ginny as she continues her live music tour, releases her new album and prepares to release yet more music. 


2020 will be a chart topping year for Ginny Vee and her Music.