Be in my next lyric video

I would love you to be in my next music video! And it's really easy for you to appear in it. All you need to do is send me a "selfie" and you could appear in the video. I need to have your face - I want your face. It will appear with lots of other faces as part of the lyric video.


Take a nice high resolution selfie with your smart phone. Make sure it is mainly your head and face. Then email the selfie by using this link-  info@ginnyvee.com

Please add this text to your email to give me permission to use it.
"I give Ginny Vee Music the rights to use my photograph (image) - attached - in her new music video."

And that's it... then watch for news.

Can't wait to see you in the video... Ginny

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contact info@ginnyvee.com for bookings

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