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Our Privacy Policy

To everyone that uses Ginny Vee's site and web pages. We try not collect any data automatically as we feel strongly about privacy. Some tools may collect data such as your email address, if you sign up. Under the new rules of the GDPR in Europe we need to make available any data we hold on you on request. This is supposed to apply to all EU citizens, we want it to apply to anyone and everyone that visits this site.

If you want to know what we hold on you, want to be forgotten, want to be removed from any lists then just email us at and we will happily see if we hold any information, share that and delete everything you want us to.

We don't want to hold your information, we do not sell, or pass it to anyone.

Ginny would love to keep in contact with you, but we won't be mailing out mailers anymore - because we know it is annoying to get lots of "Hey listen to this!" mails.

But do feel free to write to Ginny, or talk with her on social media.

Hope that was short, sweet and understandable.

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