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Stream all of Ginny's Music in one great playlist 

We Don`t Know Yet - Ginny Vee

1. We don`t know yet

2. be one

3. walked away

4. starry night

5. fenice

6. unwritten words

7. hiding in the wings

8. come closer

9. the core

10. once again (album version)

11. play

12. winter

Honey Ginny Vee - Album art.png

Ginny Vee is a pop singer with Italian roots and a passion for performing. Born and raised in Italy, Ginny developed a love for music and dance at a young age and often spent her days singing and dancing around her hometown of Livorno.

As a teenager, Ginny began performing at local clubs and festivals with a girl gro, and it wasn't long before she caught the attention of the music industry. She was signed to a record label and released her debut single, which quickly climbed the charts and established her as a rising star in the pop music world.

Ginny's unique blend of Italian charm and powerful vocals quickly made her a fan favorite, and she went on to release a string of hit singles that cemented her place in the pop music scene. In 2021, Ginny made headlines when she teamed up with legendary singer Irene Cara to record a highly anticipated remake of the iconic song "Flashdance." The collaboration was a major success and helped to further establish Ginny as a talented and influential artist.

Today, Ginny Vee is a household name in the pop music world, known for her soaring vocals and infectious stage presence. She continues to inspire and entertain fans around the world with her music and performances.

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